Don't look for money early.. 4 goals for your business in its first year

Here are some tips that can help you start and grow a business. By following these simple and effective strategies, you will be able to start or expand your business or venture at a young age.

The American Entrepreneur website, which specializes in entrepreneurship, published a report by Parwinder Singh, in which he talks about 4 steps to help you start and grow a business.

1- Never search for “how to make money”

The Internet is full of corporate product marketing programs, scams, and other bogus business opportunities; A single search on YouTube can reveal millions of videos on how to make money from home. Unfortunately, that's how everyone starts. I even admit to falling for some ideas that promised $100-$500 a day.

However, all the content that claims to help you make money is just a deep hole, drilled by a content creator looking to use you like bait.

The first thing I learned is that in order to make money you have to provide value to a company or person. Start using YouTube to learn new skills or improve the skills you already have, instead of watching videos with a rich, quick scheme. The pandemic has created the next generation of great entrepreneurs.

2- Know your resources

After you've developed a skill or service, it's time to start marketing that skill and introducing it to others. This is the point where things start building a structure, and we start laying the foundation tools for our future project.

One of the common problems faced by many is financing or investing; I didn't have any money to buy merchandise or hire someone to build a website. You may face the same problem, but there are a huge amount of resources that can help you get almost everything you need to lay the foundation for your business.

3- How to get your first customers

One of the biggest mistakes everyone makes in the early stage of their startup is targeting hard-to-reach clients.

Another mistake that entrepreneurs make is offering free services. Your early customers - whether they are companies or individuals - must have the problem you solve extensively, they are willing to pay and work with the start-ups.

You can start your journey by creating a social media account on Instagram and sharing posts about solving your problem.

From there, you can know your target audience. For example, if you are developing websites, check whether users have a website. If the answer is no, you can leave a message for them about what you do and how your service can significantly affect their business. Sometimes that's all you need to get your first customers.

4- How do you get financing to start your project?

For startups run by teens, getting funding for your startup can be a daunting task. But there are many resources and organizations that offer grants, loans, or other forms of financial assistance to you, and you can search through the Internet on many specialized agencies that provide this.

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