Drinking Water Scams Revealed

Read this article before you keep in mind paying in your drinking water.

Wouldn't or not it's first-rate to prevent poisoning ourselves with polluted or bad consuming water? I, for one, felt that I would really like to discover a supply of secure less expensive ingesting water. (Ideally, I'd love to show on the tap, and out it would drift!)

Whether it is curing cancer with magnets or herbal marvel-remedies or Vioxx, we've all seen the first-rate claims human beings make approximately their fitness merchandise AND about how your complete life will be modified! I can let you know right now that ninety% are frauds.  You can also actually have fallen prey to some of these scams, selling you the today's fad. Me too. I've bought so many types of consuming 

water, I can't recall. (If a lie is repeated regularly sufficient, it turns into "the truth").

Finally, after many disappointments I were given FED UP. I determined to get to the lowest of this preference we all ought to make certain that our most basic nutrient -- water -- will maintain us healthful, no longer make us ill.

I checked out infinite business web sites and some of college and authorities websites; and I changed into dismayed at what I repeatedly found:

--Outdated statistics or information repeated from different websites

--Wild and sensational claims

--No research

--No refunds, and so on.

I already knew that we can not trust our tap water due to the presence of as much as 2000 contaminants.

Specifically, I observed:

a) Bottled Water: a real mish-mash of high-quality, often no extra than filtered tap water sold at outrageous mark-usaand at quite an environmental fee.

B) Reverse-osmosis and distilled water: completely omitted the medical proof of the dangers in the ongoing consuming of water that is void of minerals, acid in nature and oxidizing.

I fast realized that those products were either vain, overpriced or doubtlessly harmful lengthy-term.  And the companies have been smiling all of the way to the bank.

Nevertheless I changed into capable of discover products that have been properly-researched and legitimate: water ionizers and sure filters.  I located  websites presenting comparisons of dependable water purifiers: www.Waterfiltercomparisons.Internet and 

www.Waterpurifier101.Com.  (While the primary of those sites does no longer address the problem of acidity in drinking water, it is straightforward in its assessment of what various water filters do.)

I wish that you're not misled by false claims, and test these sources, for the sake of your fitness.

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