Make your scar your story

Humans have a tendency to look for things from past in object for finding a hope to gain strength. 

Why look for objects ? When you can just look for your own scar. 

Scar doesn't  mean a physical only, it can be emotional and mental also. Every strength you have is come from that particular  impact in your life from birth to present  which replays like a rythm of heart in your mind when you need a strength  

Many of you feel how's it possible !!!!

But think about it....

Like when you first try to write by pencil the motor muscle stretches  itself to make yiu string for hold that pencil correctly same way when you first type on you desktop  by fingers.

It all came from that part of your subconscious brain which has all yiyr scars preseverd. 

No matter what you feel on every setback you face  remember your time when you first learn chopping, riding cycle or making your own tree house.  

Even  acene Scar will tell the story of that period of time when facing different  emotions  altogether with so much thibgs to avoud and grab. Scar which can be seend by ithers are something  not  everyone can do it take so much self respect  to accept and to prove that these scars are nkt something for hide its something  to show as they tell your own struggles which no one can understand .

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