Mental health or just issues?

Mentally fabulous!

Mental support, and mental health, needs, state, etc, etc, are such a trend today, wherever I go, it's a topic, and everyone is as knowledgeable and conscious of the topic as they are with any taboo.

Truth is, it became a way for both women and men to flirt, attract their crushes, or even charm their employers, it also now the new to break the ice with new people, at work, in bars, and even in bed, "Hey, I'll treat you right, and I'll not let go" and then sex happens, which is also very trendy, very capitalist in my point of view, and I've never been one not have I been a communist either, all I ever wanted and still want is peace, and mental health is a huge topic, it is as important as brain surgery, depression is as a real as a heart attack recent researches have shown that depression is estimated to be present in 1 of 5 out-patients with coronary artery disease,1, 2 and perhaps higher among the in-patients (up to 27%). Three recent trials tested the effects of antidepressants or cognitive behavioral therapy among depressed patients with coronary disease. (Oxford Academic QJM)

This only leads us to start digging deeper than quotes on Facebook, Instagram, and whatever is space we're using to show off our knowledge about mental health, it's been a long time since scientists and doctors ignored signs of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a lot of other conditions that lead people to death, chronic diseases and suicide, and yet there have always been those who tried to make us aware of how important our mental health is, but sadly, we're so hanged to our traditions and society that tells us to continue, to move on, to "get your shit together, man up,be thankful for what you have, you are too young to talk about sadness .. Etc" 

It's no secret that these lines are engraved in us, and it's like a rock over your chest whenever you recall it with the voice of one of your parents, siblings, teachers or friends, even boss, but can we take a moment, breathe, put boundaries, and say "FU** YOU, and fu€¢ these stereotypes"  

There should be a moment where we must stop and tell ourselves, that what we're going through right now, is real, is true, it's dark, I'm not comfortable around certain people, I hate going to nightclubs, I hate drinking 'cause it doesn't taste bad, but it makes me feel bad, I get palpitations whenever I start losing control over my head because I overthink, yes, overthinking is actually something, and it should not be taken lightly, and overthinker is to think too much about (something): to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something) in a way that is more harmful than helpful (Merriam Webster) 

Overthinking is when you analyze all types of situations, no matter how small it is, no matter how ridiculous it might sound, it's repeated a thousand times per second in their head, imagine someone saying hi to you as you're walking by and it makes your heart pound, you start stuttering and not knowing what to say because you didn't see it coming and kept avoiding any kind of interaction with people, and end up saying whatever instead of a simple hi, and then spend your whole day worrying about it and feeling stupid for not being able to say hi back. This is an example of how things can be for an overthinker and most of the time overthinking is associated with anxiety and depression, childhood traumas have a great impact on how we turn out to be as adults, and here comes the role of mental support, as we can easily detect the mental state of someone, based on their reactions, types of relationships, attachments, and the love they give and accept to receive, I'll not lie, I have spent my whole life dreaming of falling in love and receiving love, and yes, I have been projecting some of my traumas in my relationships, I've also detected some of them in my ex-partners, growing up after each heartbeat, I have realized that I need to work on myself before working on someone and demand their love, people require our support through emotions and understanding, through effective communication, and productive efforts to get through traumas, and mostly to understand that it is normal to be an adult and have your darkness, with the right support, we can manage to breathe and work on becoming a better version of ourselves, but for ourselves, before it is for anyone else. 

What we have to know is that we should never settle for what we were promised at the beginning of any new relationship we make, whether it's friendship, work, love, or even just casual coffees, "I'll be there whenever you need me, I'll help you, I'll never let go" Try hard to give the equivalent quantity of what you're receiving, but do not avoid relationship, because whether we love it or not, relationships are the single most important thing in our lives, it's the source of your best memories, your worst memories, and after 50 years you won't be wishing you owned a better house or a better salary, but you will be thinking that you spent more time with the people who truly loved you and supported you and those you loved, but in case all you earned was the "start strong" type of support which we mentioned at the beginning, and when things got serious, it's foggy and walls are coming down, you need to cut ties, whether your relationship is good, terrible, or shaking, it is still important, and you won't be able to have a cloudre, and here comes the role of topport you need and the other party needs, your types of support are different, and we do not like to lose things that are important to us. 

Cutting ties with harmful situations and relationships (not necessarily romantic ones) is one the hardest thing anyone can ever face. Your mental state should not be at stake, and it shouldn't be ignored. The media will tell you that it is important, but are you aware of how important it truly is? Will you say "fuck this shit" and start focusing on your health, and your relationships? Are you finally going to decide to receive the right support for yourself? 

To end this, I'd like to point out that traditions are what fucked us up, society shouldn't tell you how you should be feeling, it shouldn't define the relationships you need and it shouldn't pressure you to get married, to get better, to live with it, you are not here to be told how you should be, you need to know that you are your version, you are not what others define you, and most importantly you shouldn't accept less than you deserve, you shouldn't be with that friend, that lover, that partner, that team where your worth is minimized, where you give and never receive. 

"The environment shapes us unconsciously in more ways than we care to admit. Humans are profoundly social beings and as a result, most of us are constantly surrounded by people and desire social acceptance. ... Not only that, but we are also influenced by the natural environment that surrounds us." Louis D.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act as we cope with life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood and aging. 

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