Smartphone camera quality factors.. Get to know them

One usually wants to preserve beautiful memories, be it birthdays, beach trips or picnics, through photographs and videos.

Smartphones have now become the most important tool in recording these memories, and the importance of smartphone cameras has increased with the spread of videos through various applications such as YouTube and TikTok, and here the question arises about the best smartphones suitable for photography.

To answer this question, Andreas Zeiger, from the specialized German magazine "Connect", explained that luxury models from the most famous international companies are the best devices for taking photographs and recording videos. "It can be said that the more expensive the smartphone, the better the camera," he added.

However, the German expert indicated that mid-priced smartphones can take great pictures even in poor lighting conditions, and he stressed that all phones take good pictures in appropriate lighting conditions, even low-cost smartphones, and the importance of luxury models only appears. In difficult situations, such as in the dark or facing lighting, in such situations the user needs a smartphone of the highest price category.

focal length

Zeiger added that the focal length of luxury-model cameras is what makes the difference in imaging quality, and luxury-class smartphones usually contain a number of lenses, such as the regular lens, the wide-angle lens, and the ultra-wide-angle lens, as well as the optical zoom function of two or more times. 3 or even 5 times as much.

In turn, Werner Lutgens, from the photography magazine "Kurler Photo", explained that the quality of optical zoom is limited in smartphones, because strong zoom degrees with new light intensity are not suitable for flat smartphones, and of course no one wants to carry smartphones with a thickness of 5 cm.

"Therefore, the current solution is to install a number of complete cameras with recording lenses and sensors," Lutgens added. These procedures are very complicated and increase the cost, but the German expert encourages this approach mainly, because "the many cameras allow the user to take pictures at different angles."

Lutgens emphasized that many cameras are used intuitively; The cameras perform many functions automatically, and different cameras can be selected directly on the screen.

"The bigger the image sensor, the better, because it takes pictures with less noise, and the optical image stabilization is a very useful equipment when used well," explained Michael Wolff, from the German Product and Goods Testing Authority. It is difficult to draw conclusions about the quality of the photos based on the technical characteristics only, but the user has to test the camera and check the quality of the photos.

pixel madness

Wolf warned against getting what is known as pixel madness in any way, and stressed that increasing the pixel number does not necessarily mean better image quality, but on the contrary, increasing the pixels leads to increased image distortion, when a large number of pixels are compressed on the small camera sensor. ; The smartphone has to calculate this noise very hard, which leads to other errors in the image.

Wolf downplayed the expectations when buying devices from the resonant names in the world of cameras and optics, which are often engraved on smartphones and lenses, and stressed that practical tests did not prove that smartphone cameras from reputable companies are always the best.

However, Lutgens emphasized that international companies are keen to write their names on products of a certain quality, and added, "Of course, these companies do not manufacture these cameras, but they participate in developing them, certifying production processes and verifying their quality, so the user eventually obtains a certain quality."

Zeiger added that the user can currently get the best quality of video recordings from Apple, but when it comes to photographs, Android smartphones are better than Apple phones, but the German expert is convinced that good photos on the smartphone mean Get good or even very good videos by the device itself.

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