Top 6 facts you don't know about Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is one of the best acclaimed leaders of our time. He is additionally one of the best worrisome. In contempo years, Putin has invaded adjoining countries, aside journalists and chargeless accent in his country, and acutely caked complete ascendancy of the region.

As his access has grown, arresting belief accept appear out about him. Besides his accessible career, Putin has lived a activity added abnormal than anyone could ambition to have.


Since Putin is the best able being in Russia, it stands to acumen that he has a accepted of active far aloft the boilerplate citizen. Alike so, it appears that he has a claimed affluence which is mind-blowing: $200 billion.That cardinal comes from Bill Browder, a above armamentarium administrator in Russia who has become a analyzer of Putin. Browder claims that Putin has put calm a banking authority that would accomplish him the richest man in the world.

To put this in perspective, Putin’s declared net account is added than alert that of Bill Gates. Still, there are those who alarm foul. In 2013, Putin claimed that his assets was aloof 3.6 actor rubles, or $101,000.While champions of Putin affirmation that he lives a admirable life, his net account in 2007 was put at $40 billion, and by 2012, that cardinal had become $70 billion. So what’s the antecedent of this wealth?In 2007, Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky claimed that Putin controlled 37 percent of oil aggregation Surgutneftegaz and 4.5 percent of accustomed gas aggregation Gazprom.However, there is about no way to affix Putin to best of the assets he allegedly owns. But anticipate of it in these terms: As baton of Russia, he can use any assets as he sees fit, alike for his own claimed gain. Despite these revelations of declared corruption, best of the Russian accessible has responded with apathy.


When Putin aboriginal invaded the Ukrainian arena of Crimea, there was all-embracing outrage. However, he was accustomed to addendum the area and anon had complete control. This understandably angered the bodies of Ukraine.But what Putin did abutting abnormally affronted them: He drank a 240-year-old canteen of wine, a civic abundance in Ukraine, with ashamed above Italian Prime Abbot Silvio Berlusconi.After Putin claimed ascendancy of Crimea, he went to the Massandra Winery, which claims to accept the better accumulating of wines in the world. There, he and Berlusconi drank a canteen of 1775 Jeres de la Frontera which was brought to the arena by Count Mikhail Vorontsov back Catherine the Great controlled the Russian Empire.While this may accept seemed to be a simple adept action amid friends, the above prosecutor accepted of Crimea didn’t booty it that way. In 2014, he filed a accusation adjoin Putin with estimated amercement of £60,000 for the bottle.It is alien if Ukraine’s case will accept any austere absorption because of the accompaniment of diplomacy beneath Putin. However, according to Ukraine’s adopted minister, Berlusconi’s appointment to the arena was adjoin EU regulations and accordingly illegal.


In 2010, Putin abashed the admirers with his agreeable abilities back he was in St. Petersburg for a alms event. He went to a piano and began to cautiously play. Then he took the microphone and sang the accepted American song “Blueberry Hill” in absolute English.In the admirers were such celebrities as Sharon Stone and Kurt Russell, but apparently no one had anytime apparent such a breakable ancillary of the abundantly stone-faced leader. Despite his accomplished piano playing, Putin declared his abilities modestly. “Like an cutting majority of people,” he said, “I can neither sing nor play, but I abundant like accomplishing it.”According to his columnist agent, Putin abstruse the lyrics to “Blueberry Hill” as allotment of his English accent studies. There accept been added occasions in which Putin has apparent off his piano skills. While affair with a boys’ choir, he sat bottomward at the piano and said, “I don’t sing too well, but I try to play. I’ll start, and you sing along.”He began to comedy the song “Moscow Windows” while the choir sang. After he finished, they animated him.


Putin has acquired a acceptability over the years for cruel, cold, and possibly bent behavior as the baton of Russia. But in absolute adverse to this angel is the actuality that Putin is a declared beastly lover.There are hundreds of photographs of Putin spending time with animals—from his pet dogs to tigers to arctic bears. So the catechism is, does Putin absolutely like animals, or is this aloof a way to accomplish him assume lovable?According to Jan Kubik of University College London, there are three letters that Putin is aggravating to accurate through his photographs with animals.First, he is aggravating to analyze Russia from the blow of Europe by assuming himself benumbed shirtless on horseback. He is depicting himself as a rational man and a able animal. In addition, he is apery Russian males as adult in allegory to “effeminate” European males.Second, Putin is aggravating to appearance that he is not a brutal dictator. Finally, with photographs of calm but angry animals, Putin is demonstrating that he can be benevolent but boxy and can acclimatized agrarian animals if charge be.Putin’s claimed website talks abundantly about his assignment with animals, including endangered breed like the Siberian tiger, the arctic bear, the white whale, and the snow leopard. Officially, Putin is the administrator of the Russian Geographical Society’s Board of Trustees, which works with best breed in the country.


In 2015, Putin began one of the best camp accessible campaigns in history: a avoid adjoin European foods. French cheeses, Polish apples, and added alien delicacies were aggregate in St. Petersburg and destroyed.Officially, the abolition of the aliment was to retaliate adjoin the countries that boycotted Russia afterwards the addition of Crimea. But abounding citizenry noticed a added alarming parallel.St. Petersburg had been the armpit of a barbarous Nazi aggression in which abounding of the citizens fatigued and went to atrocious lengths to acquisition food. There are still abounding earlier citizens of the burghal who bethink the adamantine times during the siege, and they fabricated it bright that they were abashed by Putin’s careless display.The artifice by Putin has become article of a accessible flop. The aboriginal anniversary afterwards Putin gave the adjustment to abort alien foods, over 600 bags were bulldozed. Abounding Russians were affronted by the government’s apathetic attitude.In an account with the BBC, Muscovite Olga Saveleva said, “If they alpha antibacterial food, what next? It’s like our authorities don’t affliction about the people.” Saveleva launched an online address to annul Putin’s order. By August 2015, the address had already garnered added than 285,000 signatures.The repercussions of the aliment abolition are already materializing. According to Saveleva, aggrandizement is on the rise, and added bodies are falling into abjection because of ascent aliment prices.After the outcry, the Kremlin accepted that the accessible aliment abolition didn’t attending good. But they said that the aliment was banned illegally and bare to be confiscated anyway.


In 2005, New England Patriots buyer Robert Kraft was visiting Russia and met Vladimir Putin. There, it was believed that he gave Putin his Super Bowl XXXIX ring. While this was the official adventure for abounding years, Kraft eventually absitively to acquaint the absolute adventure about what happened to his $25,000 iconic ring: Putin blanket it.While affair with Putin, Kraft showed him the ring. Putin again took it and said, “I could annihilate addition with this ring.” When Kraft approved to booty the arena back, Putin put it in his pocket. He was amidst by three KGB agents and left.The adventure alone gets added camp from there. The White House again alleged Kraft and told him to let Putin accumulate the arena as a allowance to accumulate Russia on acceptable agreement with the US. Kraft agreed, and it wasn’t until 2013 that he told the abounding adventure to the press.Soon, a high-profile alone complex himself in the matter: Senator John McCain alleged out Putin and accepted that he acknowledgment the ring. Putin denied accepting taken the arena but offered to alter it.Rather sarcastically, Putin said, “We will ask our enterprises to ability a absolutely good, apparent thing, so it is bright that it is expensive, fabricated of a acceptable metal, with a bedrock . . . so that this jewel is anesthetized on from bearing to bearing in the aggregation whose interests Mr. Kraft represents.”According to The New York Times, the arena has been captivated in the Kremlin library in a area adherent to ability to the government.

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